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Welcome to the Exotic Owners' Club (EOC)




The Exotic Owners' Club (EOC) was created with one goal in mind; to give our members the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals, who have a passion for exotic cars, as well as other finer things in life. We truly believe that the EOC is not just a club, but a lifestyle, thus why we have chosen that as our motto. The EOC demonstrates our commitment to this motto by planning/hosting events that cater to the hobbies and interests of our members. Whether it is a fully catered dinner at a private jet hangar, complete with music and festivities, or just a simple motorcade-style drive to a 5 star restaurant, the EOC's focus will always be on manifesting its members' interests and fantasies into a reality.


To learn how to become a member of our family, please visit our membership page HERE.


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Image: McLaren has announced a new supercar to be released in 2016 (Courtesy of JustLuxe)
  • New McLaren Supercar to be Released in 2016

    "British automaker McLaren has just confirmed that its next supercar will arrive in 2016... A McLaren spokesman revealed that the vehicle will sit above the 650S and below the P1". Read the complete article here. (Courtesy of TopSpeed)

Image: The Lamborghini Aventador - Surprisingly, not on the list of the top 10 fastest cars in the world (Courtesy of HowStuffWorks)
  • The Top 10 Fastest Cars in the World

    "What does it mean to be the fastest car in the world? You could ask the team behind the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, the car that held the Guinness Book record from 2010 until the title was taken away in early 2013, and returned within days. The Guinness decision-makers were hung up on a rule that could have disqualified the Veyron because the specific car used to set the record had a deactivated speed limiter, which altered the car's straight-off-the-showroom-floor status". Read the complete article here. (Courtesy of HowStuffWorks)

Image: Rossion Automotive Q1 - One of 10 Exotic Sports Cars Made in America (Courtesy of MSN)
  • 10 Exotic Sports Cars Made in America

    "The expression "American supercar" was little more than an oxymoron 20 years ago. Back then, even the Chevrolet Corvette and Dodge Viper couldn't match the craftsmanship and exclusivity of European exotics such as the McLaren F1." Read the complete article here. (Courtesy of MSN)

Image: A new Lamborghini Huracán is donated to the Italian State Police (Courtesy of the Dupont Registry)
Image: First look at the McLaren P1 Plug-In Hyper Car
  • First Look at the McLaren P1 Plug-In Hyper Car

    "When you read “plug-in hybrid,” you think of Volts, Prii, and the like. You don’t think about 900-hp supercars. Or didn't, as that's going to change thanks to the McLaren P1, which was unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show." Read the complete article here. (Courtesy of MotorTrend)


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